Professional House & Pet Sitting Service
for when you can't be there

Do you need a cat or house sitter?

Pet owners have few options for arranging pet care while they are away on holiday or on business. They could consider boarding facilities, or rely on the goodwill of neighbours but neither offer an ideal solution to owners or their pets.

Tabbys offers a real alternative and it’s a service that pet owners are welcoming! We provide a home pet-sitting service - while you’re away, we visit your home to care for your pets and your property.

Using Tabbys is a great alternative for your pets.

The continuity of a familiar environment, diet and life-style, together with the personal attention provided by Tabbys suits even the most particular pets.

   ...and for you

Tabbys provides peace of mind to many pet owners. You can relax, safe in the knowledge that your pets, and your home, are being well cared for. You’ll find that using the Tabbys service is flexible, convenient and provides real value for money.

Our visits are based on spending one hour each visit with your pets. We can offer half hour visits if these suit your individual needs. Shorter visits may be more beneficial if you only have such pets as rabbits and other small caged animals.


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